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Coastal Collaboration Cluster
Coastal Collaboration Cluster

The Adaptive Learning Toolkit

Welcome to the Adaptive Learning Tool kit of the Coastal Collaboration Cluster. This site is designed to assist coastal organizations to become adaptive learning organizations. Use the tools and experiences captured on this site to improve your organisational processes and outcomes for coastal zone management.

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning draws on organisational learning, sustainability learning and adaptive management to encourage responsive learning processes.

What are we learning for?

Adaptive learning seeks to produce adaptive behaviours with the ultimate goal of improved coastal socio-ecological systems.

What does an adaptive learning organization look like?

Adaptive learning organisations combine reflection with vision and are dynamic, flexible and defined by their focus on adaptive behaviours.

How do we become an adaptive learning organization?

Effective organisational structures and processes that connect individuals with broader organisational and societal goals are at the heart of adaptive learning.

Coastal Collaboration Cluster