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Curtin University
Coastal Collaboration Cluster

Adaptive Learning

Organisational, social and sustainability learning

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Complexity, uncertainty and high decision-stakes are typical characteristics of many coastal systems. Adaptive manage-ment has recently emerged as a paradigm for responding to these characteristics within coastal systems. Adaptive learning essentially drives the adaptive management process by facilitating connections between science and management processes and thereby
maximises pathways to science uptake.

Adaptive Learning

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The Adaptive Learning Theme is researching a range of national and international coastal management cases studies drawing on principles and practices of:

These will provide part of the knowledge base to enable adaptive learning within coastal organisations and inform the development of a simplified framework for coastal organisations to monitor and evaluate their institutionalisation of adaptive learning.

The Adaptive Learning Theme focuses on South East Queensland to analyse how a more communicative relationship between knowledge-makers and decision-makers could be enabled for the coastal zone.