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Coastal Collaboration Cluster

Integration and Synthesis

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Enable the transferability of research fi ndings beyond the Cluster to maximise impact and relevance of the Cluster for future science-governance interaction.

Integration and Synthesis

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Leadership, cooperation and communication fostering a collaborative approach

Wollongong Lighthouse, NSW Wollongong Lighthouse, NSW
Image: D. De Freitas

The Integration and Synthesis Theme plays an active role in drawing together the work of other themes to generate insights and analyses that will be greater than the sum of individual themes. Integrating, distilling and testing lessons increases understanding of how different disciplinary knowledge systems can be brought to bear on complex coastal problems.

Theme 5 will also identify improvements to research commissioning and research outputs delivery facilitated by better mutual understanding of the needs perspectives and priorities of:

Based in the Faculty of Law at the University of Wollon-gong, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) specialises in transdisplinary studies marine management.

Steelworks, Port Kembla, NSW Steelworks, Port Kembla, NSW
Image: D. De Freitas


The aims of the Synthesis and Integration Theme are to:

Design and Methods

The Integration and Synthesis Theme will explore results from the four input themes. It will use a variety of techniques including systems, contingency, risk, effects-based analysis, agent-based modelling and complex systems approaches to explore interactions of theme outcomes and legal implications for governance and transition management.