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Curtin University
Coastal Collaboration Cluster



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Image of Erosion at South Beach, WA Erosion at South Beach, WA. Image: L. Stocker

Collaborative policy-making and planning in the coastal zone

The challenge for coastal governance is to:

Led by Curtin University, Theme Governance explores how governance in the south west of Western Australia can best respond to climate change by adapting to coastal impacts such as sea level rise.


There are serious policy and planning implications for Australian coastal communities resulting from existing coastal pressures and the new pressures of climate change. Low-lying and erosion-prone coastal areas are more vulnerable to sea-level rise. Social disadvantage can worsen coastal vulnerability in regional areas. New sea-level policies tend to relate to new developments, leaving existing ecosystems and old infrastructure without adaptive plans.


The research aims of the Theme are to:

Design and Methods

The Governance theme is using deliberative techniques such as Google Earth participatory mapping, scientific visualisations, and scenario planning to generate future governance pathways.

Key Outputs

Theme Leaders

Professor David Wood
Leader, Cluster and Governance
Deputy Vice Chancellor International
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987, Perth WA 6845
Phone: +61 8 9266 7280

Associate Professor Laura Stocker
Deputy Leader, Cluster and Governance Theme, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
GPO Box U1987, Perth WA 6845
Phone: +61 8 9266 9034

Other key researchers

PhD research students

Reference: de Loë, R.C., Armitage, D., Plummer, R., Davidson, S. and Moraru, L. 2009. From Government to Governance: A State-of-the-Art Review of Environmental Governance. Final Report. Prepared for Alberta Environment, Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Relations. Guelph